Top 20 Trending Small-Scale Business Ideas for 2020

Hope you are in a Small-scale business or you are trying to start a small business but you are pretty confused about yourself about where to start and how should I enter or plan a strategy for my business etc.? Isn’t it!

 I can understand, that’s why I am here to help you. You are in the right place, here you will get Top 20 small scale Business ideas of your industry, How to start? How to scale? or promote your manufacturing business? etc.

Without having a clear knowledge or vision it’s very difficult to create or run a successful business especially for a small business thinker, planning to invest all his savings into it. So he needs a deep understanding and research for that he should go to every detailing.

 But it’s not an easy task, it will make you burst that’s why I made it simple. I just bring everything in a single space, you can get every important information from here itself, no need to waste any time. I gathered this information from all my expertise only to give a helping hand to your next step to success.

 So to help you in your Business here I picked some of the best business ideas which will defiantly help you to grow in your business or for a quick start. So try to understand the possibilities and opportunities, and fix your way of entrance.

You can clear your doubts, enquiries & can share your opinions in the comment section, I am happy to hear from you. Let’s change your life in 2020.

Top 20 Small-Scale Business Ideas for 2020

1.Manufacturing of disposable glasses and Cups

Yes that’s right that must be my first pic, it had a great opportunity in 2020 as our country had started a new mission to avoid plastics from the society so by this we are helping them.

As we all know in most of the function there are so many wastes are created as plastic glasses and cups it can be replaced by this.

It has low investment and a high- profit margin also doesn’t require so much space etc…

2. Selling your Skills

Yes, you hear right, it is 2020 in this time everything has its own value only need to leverage your skills and find different ways to put it in front of the right audience but don’t worry that’s why I am here I will help you to get that.

 The skills may be of any type of painting, paper crafts, wooden crafts, leaf crafts etc…. and so on, just identify your skill.

3. Eco-friendly Micronutrient Product Manufacturing

It is considered to be an essential agrochemical for plant growth for continuing a balanced nutritional value of the crop it plays a vital role.

This industry is mainly related to chemistry-based background person who had good knowledge of chemicals etc…

But the product must be eco-friendly which will not create any harm to nature.

4. Starting a disease friendly retail shop

We all are aware that there are so many diseases which had become a lifetime partner like Diabetes.

Retail diabetic Small scale business
Small Scale Diabetic store

 As per the research, there is a minimum of 1 person in every family. So everyone doesn’t aware of the routines they want to follow or can’t able to find all the things in reasonable price.

So it’s a better opportunity for you that you can start a business like the diabetic retail shop you can directly target the whole diabetic person and make them the availability for all suitable products at reasonable prices, isn’t a good idea.

5.Making tissue papers

By focusing on this business you targeting a wide audience like Hotels, restaurants, offices, canteens etc….

Nowadays everyone is giving importance to hygiene also considering it as a behaviour.

6. Bio-Degradable Party Supply

Most of the time there are so many functions are happening around as in our state Kerala there are so many festivals and marriages are happening, which creates so many wastes we can target them.

Currently, it’s a season for Bharani in this season the festivals are happening in several temples.

 So we can easily enter into the market by introducing Biodegradable products like;

  • Sugarcane Bagasse Fibber Plates and Bowls
  • Corn bioplastic
  • Styrofoam-free Coffee cups & Soup Containers
  • Spud ware Utensils – Forks, Spoons & knives made from potato starch
  • Bio bags, Trash bags, Compost bags & Dog Waste Bags etc…

7. Bio-degradable Carry Bags

It’s also a very good option to start making a biodegradable carrying bag Of different sizes and shapes.

  • Cloth Carry Bag
  • Cotton Carry Bag
  • Disposable Carry Bag
  • Flexo Printed Carry Bags
  • Handmade Carry Bags
  • Hdpe Carry Bags
  • Ladies Carry Bags
  • Non-Woven Carry Bags
  • Plastic Carry Bags
  • Polythene Carry Bags
  • Printed Carry Bags
  • Promotional Carry Bags
  • Travel Carry Bags

And so on ……..

8. Tracksuit Manufacturing

As from the last 2 years, our Indian Community is moving towards fitness rapidly in the next 2-3 years it will increase 3times the rate of now.

So nowadays the youths are really bothered about their fashion and trend so before entering into fitness they always go for their fitness shopping mainly it is for tracksuits, so it will be a good market for you to start. 

9. Vinegar Manufacturing

As it is also a low investment business, as it’s the composition of water and acetic acid (CH3COOH) which act as a preservative, used in food beverages and medical purposes.

 Vinegar is of different types have different usages, it’s one of the among which never loses its demand in the market.

10. Wood-works and clay works

Actually it comes under the skill-based category as it requires a skill.

Small scale self employed wood working Business

Or you have to gather the persons who had these skills but doesn’t know to leverage or put themselves into the market then you can help them to achieve that in that way you can also make it a business and can achieve earning and fame.

11. Artificial Jewellery Business

In our country, since 300 years back jewellery is considered to be a part of our tradition and culture and in the modern world wearing matchable items is in trend in between ladies at an affordable price.

That’s why nowadays semi-precious material is very popular in the market because they are more affordable and according to the trend. 

So you can offer them customisable semi-precious jewellery and create a market isn’t it a good idea.

You can easily generate a good monthly income in low investment.

12. Be a freelance Content Writer

Ya, you can; if you have good writing skill and very font of writing then this carrier is for you.

You can work as a content writer for so many companies like online news publishers, e-magazines etc…

13. Making Agarbattis

In India Agarbatti had a big market in research it is up to minimum Rs 3600 Crores. By reading this it seems to be crazy right? But it’s true.

India is also a big exporter of Agarbatties to the countries like the USA, Thailand, England etc…

 Also now everyone is fond of having natural fragments so Agarbatti will be the first choice of every person right.

 Also, India is the largest country for temples and worshipping places so every place requires Agarbatti for worshipping. So In India itself it is giving you the biggest platform to start, so definitely it is a best Small Scale Business Ideas to start.

14. Be an Internet Security Consultant

We are currently living in an internet world all data’s are available in our database, isn’t it. As it’s a positive side but along with that there is a negative side too as everything has its positive as well as negative side too.

Small scale Cyber Security Business

So there are so many security threats arises like Hacking, scamming virus attack etc… are happening in your webspace and you have to be protected from that.

But everyone can’t be a specialist in that so there are so many people who are searching so hear you can be their saviour. Isn’t it? 

Here your only investment will be your skills you branding that’s it. You have to show them you are perfect in that field and you can do it because I am here to help you with that.

15.  Be a translator

It will be considered to be the most profitable and easiest industry to get into.

 As it is not asking any type of investment only the investment will be to know the languages more than one mostly try to know foreign languages such as Chinese, French, Thai etc…

 If you are seeking out on a global scale, you can earn up to $40 a year (Minimum) depends on the company you enter.

16. Provide Editorial Services

It’s easy to start a business as it doesn’t require any type of monitory requirements and has the potential to expand.

 You can easily able to make an unlimited client base of different groups. You can plate them so many services which include:

  • Ghost-writing
  • Magazine article writing
  • Newspaper article writing
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Book writing
  • Web Content writing
  • Indexing


17. Online Photo Selling

Small scale Photo selling Business

It’s a kind of passion for able business. It requires only a camera investment skills and passion, the person who had these 3 things he can achieve great earnings.

There are so many online sites who are offering payment for high-quality pictures at a reasonable price.

18. Be a Party Planner

Do you have a planning skill? Are you ready to plan a theme party for your friend or for your family? Did you plan any party and everyone appreciated its arrangement?

If all the answers are yes then what are you waiting for let’s begin the journey. Make it a profession.

Here you only need to have a portfolio experience to show it can be any party your friends, family, cousins wedding, birthday any…. So are you ready?

19. Be a Nutritional Consultant

Ya, we can consider a nutritionist profession as a Small Scale Business Ideas. Because it definitely gives you space to grow.

 From few years fast-food culture has arrived in our society due to that the people started to consume low nutrition-packed food which caused so many lifestyle diseases.

 But now the people want to change themselves for that most of the people had come to fitness and the number is increasing day by day.

Small scale nutritionist business

But they lack knowledge so you can be their personal nutritional freelance consultant.

For you only require a portfolio and case study, as I am also a Weight Trainer cum nutritionist, you can consult me for that too.

20. Franchise Business

Small scale Franchise business
Subway Franchise

The franchise-based thinking is also a good Small Scale Business Ideas. It provides you to play in a safe zone in the market. Because in a franchise business it already had a market value and reputation you don’t have to create a new brand value.

Also in most of the case if any type of downfall happens you don’t have bare in yourselves the franchiser and franchisee will bare according to the agreement.

Here I also suggest some best franchisee models with all the procedures and details. For getting more information related to the franchise you can continue reading or for a quick enquiry you can contact me down.

I am waiting to help you and for hearing your response.

Here I conclude with giving you some tips

Hii friends, hope you enjoyed reading the above content, as I have given you my top 20 Small Scale Business ideas for 2020.

 I picked these 20 ideas after all my researches and analysis.

I personally tried to collect ideas from the market about its opportunities and market value. From these Top 20 tips I have shuffled some Top 10 Small scale business ideas which don’t lose its demand in recent time some of them are:

I just giving you the point, you can refer it from above content as it’s not right to repeat again.

1.         Point No 2,

2.         Point No 7,

3.         Point No 11,

4.         Point No 12,

5.         Point No 14,

6.         Point No 15,

7.         Point No 19,

8.         Point No 17,

9.         Point No 20,

10.       Point No 16,

In my future blog, you can find me explaining each and every point in detail. So to get that in the first look you can subscribe my blog and can clear your doubts and suggestions in the comment section and know about my professional kinds of stuff you can go >>>> Click me.

Also if wish much more information like this you can visit India education, also giving ideas for Small businesses.

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