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Top killer sites for free online education

The internet has a lot to give, whether you’re 5 or 95. The tools on the internet are limitless, mainly when the subject is Online Education. Best of all, there is no need for multiple high-quality pages.

Excellent free online education on the following 25 pages awaits from history to coding.

1. Coursera

Coursera is a collaborating network with colleges and organisations. This adds to a collection of a wide range of subjects and viewpoints. Coursera is a powerful online training tool that offers free course sites from many leading universities, museums and trusts. It provides a vast selection of comprehensive courses on the platform. If you want to learn several different topics, or you want courses from different schools and organisations, Coursera is beneficial.

2. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy offers a useful and well-integrated platform, collaborating with many post-secondary schools. Khan Academy also offers an impressive scope on many different topics, curating several courses from all over the world. The Khan Academy is also incredibly useful, among the more well-known educational websites, so that learning objectives can be kept easier.

3. Open Culture Online courses

Try open culture’s listing free online education programmes if you have difficulty finding exactly the material you are looking for. This website presents 1,000 seminars, animations and interviews from worldwide colleges. The database has many details accessible only on private colleges, all in simple categories to search. This ensures that without visiting and browsing each university’s home site, you will find hundreds of university courses.

The Accessible Culture list includes classes in the United States from England, Australia, Wales and many state universities. A useful tool to locate several courses within a particular field of study.

4. Udemy:

Udemy free courses are close to Coursera’s model but allow users to create personalised classes. The website blends the flexible interface of other websites with a substantial degree of concentration on suitable quality materials and several top teachers and colleges. However, this is another website which combines both free and charged.

5. Lifehack Fast Track Class

Lifehack depends on resources that maximise your time, your resources and your overall quality of life.

Traditional education abilities in this continually developing environment are no longer available. You can’t afford to master a talent that you never even practise for years. It provides a selection of free course sites that seek to learn some of the Key Life multipliers, including some paying courses that can help you become a stronger person:

6. Academic Earth

: Academic Earth is another platform with courses from numerous colleges. Like the three above pages, Academic Earth incorporates top courses from multiple outlets and reflects on several topics.

The Earth Academy lists courses by theme and grade, so what you’re searching for might be simpler to find.

7. EdX

EdX comes in other best site for online learning free online. The platform provides excellent, reliable content for all and puts together classes from several different colleges. A wide variety of subjects occupies edX.

8. Alison

Alison is a free kindergarten, accredited in certain regions, unlike the previous locations on this page. Alison provides primarily business, technology and health classes, but also language lessons. It is a perfect choice if consumers are accredited that Alison often provides classes on school curricula.

9. ITunesU Free Courses

ITunesU provides a perfect chance for free online learning platforms and it is easily compatible with your iPod or other Android ios app. Users launch the iTunes software on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. On the top right-hand corner of the iTunesU app, laptop users can run iTunesU. iTunesU is still easy since the shop is close to iTunesU.

In several different ways, users can search for learning materials, like genre and topic. Courses, though, sometimes consist of a combination of free podcasts and paid links.

iTunes offers lectures on a large variety of subjects but does not connect with smart devices like Ios, Google or Windows.

10. Stanford Online

Stanford Online delivers self-paced, session-based classes, with many of Stanford University’s educational offerings. Although Coursera has several Stanford lessons, several classes are only accessible from other hosts. Many courses require iTunes, but most of them are available on the webserver.

Stanford Online is a beautiful location for courses with good standard, but the problems about schools of more than one school are somewhat limited.

11. Harvard Extension

Harvard Extension Stanford Online provides free Harvard online courses only. This is another fantastic source of good quality content. However, the selection of courses is less diverse than at multi-school locations.

Harvard Extension also helps you to scan technical qualification courses. This makes it far more straightforward to reach the qualification target online.

12. Open Yale Course

Harvard Extension and Stanford Online parallel free Yale courses by providing just Yale courses. Although the website is mostly restricted to school subjects, Accessible Yale Courses presents various videos from current campus lectures. If you’re searching for decent courses but gain more from the streaming than reading, the inclusion of videos allows the website a perfect pick.

13. UC Berkeley Class Central

Many of the free online education opportunities are provided to UC Berkeley as other schools mentioned. The school has much less than the previous lessons. However, it provides additional tutorials, webcasts and RSS feeds that promote having the subjects you select up to date.

14. MIT Open Courseware

MIT provides several free lessons in the same way. The school has a similar amount of courses to the above institutions, with very detailed instructional resources on relevant topics. MIT provides free RSS updates, a realistic way to read.

15. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

The free online learning platforms of Carnegie Mellon is similar to the other schools on this page, although the Accessible Learning Project still includes a limited variety of subjects. But in-depth content is required for the subjects covered.

16. Codecademy

Codecademy is a unique platform for software education. Where other code pages implement an example / practise format, a Live Testing window is provided in the Codecademy. This ensures that when watching the lesson material, you can practise coding.

The course is developed and quickly followed at the Codecademy, and the platform is also well structured. Codecademy provides a consolidated interface where the improvement can be tracked, and lessons are grouped into full modules. This helps you to master a whole language without having to select the next lesson.

17. Code

Code is another software and programme platform. The coding also provides learning opportunities for children as a platform for suitable quality lessons.

Code provides free online education workshops on a broad spectrum of technology subjects, in addition to children’s oriented lessons. These courses include software programming, JavaScript and robotics.

Some courses are often planned to be helpful in the learning setting. Code is an invaluable guide for making computing subjects and diverse learning experiences more challenging.

18.University of London Podcasts

Another excellent source of free educational websites is the podcast page on the University of London website. The courses are restricted to interviews, but recordings from its campus and 11 colleges in and around London are posted on the web. This provides students with a broad base of topics and seminars while also guarantees comprehensive research.

19. University of Oxford Podcasts

The University of Oxford has several various shows, close to the University of London. Much of them are a series of public lectures or lectures by visiting scholars, with numerous records.

 This specific platform has the benefit of arranging podcasts in a series to make it simple  to register for numerous lectures on one topic—another pleasant spot to teach extensively.

20. BBC Podcasts

The BBC presents a broad selection of podcasts about several subjects for the more informal learner. The bulks of podcasts are published regularly and are mostly focussed on finance and sports.

There are also several in various languages via the World Service podcasts section. The emphasis of these podcasts is less comprehensive and less analytical, which the regular user will consider more available.

21. TED-Ed

Another perfect place to read more is TED-Ed. A platform full of pédagogical videos comes from the same people who got you all the inspiring web shows. Any of the videos are spectacular because they are all ten or fewer minutes long.

TED-Ed is not only an outstanding venue for the interested, but it also features supplementary resources and video reviews. This makes the web highly valuable both informally trained contexts and in fun, ways to brush new studies and issues together.

22. LessonPaths

LessonPaths is another excellent method to support those find a more efficient and straightforward way to get to the information. Users may connect their favourite research materials from other websites on this list. Users then categorise these collections, and several various high-quality, open references can be found on a specific subject.

23. Memrise

Memrise is another excellent free online education platform that provides simple usage and comfort. Enabled as an application and as a server, This is another excellent source for top-quality courses, although the range of courses is lower than that of multi-schools.

Harvard Extension also allows you to look for courses with a certificate of the profession. If your education objective includes certification, this will make it much more comfortable.

24. National Geographic Kids

The National Geographic kid’s website is another site which provides the best site for online learning for younger users. A wide variety of games, puzzles, videos and pictures keep children interested in this site for those looking for child-friendly education.

Global Regional Children do not arrange schooling in classes, often having available material by subject and media. This is a good option for national, regional children who want to explore more comfortably.

25. Fun Brain

Fun Brain is yet another excellent choice for children who want to learn online but concentrate on games and enjoyable puzzles. Fun Brain’s game-based method may be especially useful when the child involved fails to pay attention, mainly when it is focusing on math and reading. Pleasant Brain also presents prizes and obstacles and is also another venue for children K-8 to explore easily.

No matter how old you are or how young you are, you still have time to learn something new or deepen your curiosity in a topical subject. The chances to develop your skills and widen your horizons are limitless for too many online information websites. Create some spare time; otherwise, you’re going to take very, very long to visit these ten amazing websites.


Above best site for online education provide free online classes or provide tools for students. These pages include insightful blogs, videos and information, and take performance assessments from time to time. In reality, free information flows should be given, and both students and teachers can benefit from it.

It is a fallacy that online education platforms go prematurely because the work sector depends more on our expertise than on our degrees. Nothing is more important than where you have heard what you do. Agencies now employ candidates depending on their experience and their desire to fix challenges and keep their diplomas or certificates separate.

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