effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas

What are effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas?

Effective real estate marketing solutions identify and match clients’ needs with services and products that best meet them. In other words, effective real estate marketing ideas give you the best possible chance of success. This is why this article has broken down the real estate marketing strategies into several concise categories.

Now you have a much better idea of how to go about implementing your chosen strategy.

Direct selling: 

When sellers offer their wares directly to buyers without involving middlemen or agents, they are direct sellers. Most agents are middlemen themselves, so effective real estate marketing ideas for direct selling focus on using this medium to reach potential buyers best.

To get the best possible rates, it is advisable to offer the property as-is and avoid doing any repairs or alterations.

This is because most buyers, being motivated by the thought of getting a bargain, will not be prepared to commit to buying anything until they see the property in its original condition.

As such, if you are planning to sell your property as-is, ask a friend or family member to accompany you to the property so you can have a judge look over the property before committing to buy. It should also be pointed out here that most direct selling strategies call for you to hire an agent.

Home Builder: 

Another effective real estate marketing idea is home building. As the adage goes, a home built makes a home. Thus, to attract the right audience, home builders need to have an efficient marketing plan. Such marketing efforts need to start before construction of the house commences getting the best possible rates from prospective buyers.

Social Media: 

With more than a billion people using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, and Instagram to share photos, information, and thoughts, it is not surprising that the real estate market has seen a significant boost in social media engagement.

This means that to make your property pages more attractive to buyers, you should use social media platforms to let the audience you are targeting know what you have to offer. To do this, you can hire an Instagram account, Facebook account, or Twitter account. In addition to this, make sure that your property pages are updated regularly.

Advertising through Social Media: 

This is one of the effective real estate marketing ideas for agents. As the name suggests, real estate agents can use social media sites like Twitter and Instagram to advertise their properties.

In addition, they can also post links to their blogs or websites where buyers can learn more about the services you offer to make your account interactive and post questions and answers related to the real estate business on the social media site.

This will encourage possible buyers to visit your website or blog to become familiar with your company.

Posting Photos on Property Pages: 

This is one of the cost-effective real estate marketing ideas for agents. By posting photos on property pages, you can attract a large number of followers. The followers of these users will not only become your fans but potential clients as well. For this reason, it is important to choose appropriate subjects to be able to entice several followers. Make sure to post photos that show the interior as well as the exterior of the house. It will also help if you post photos that look great.

Open House: 

Another one of the ideas included in this article is holding an open house event. In this marketing strategy, agents hold an event where they invite prospective buyers and previous clients and offer them opportunities to view the house.

This will allow them to get an idea as to whether the property is suitable for their needs. You may also want to promote promotions, giveaways, competitions, and other activities to attract customers.

To make the most out of your open house, ensure that you have sample photographs, floor plans, layout, and other essential information.

Posting Videos on Property Pages:

As a real estate marketer, you need to be able to attract potential buyers and make them interested in what you are selling. Videos are excellent mediums of marketing. You can record yourself talking about the property and its location. You can also upload a short promotional video clip showing the current home features.

Ensure that you use professional photography for these videos, as well as ensure that they are engaging as well as eye-catching.

Request Testimonials from Former Customers:

Testimonials from former customers are clear trust signals. Proving prospective customers that actual, living individuals endorse your services means the world to them. When a homebuyer had a positive experience with you, contact them and ask them to provide a testimonial for your company. If at all possible, attempt to get a picture of them as well.

Please make the most of these testimonials by displaying them prominently on your website and distributing them on social media platforms regularly, as needed.

Creating a visually appealing website is essential since today’s customers want to do a lot of their research when making significant transactions, including house purchases.

Ensure that all of your property sites include excellent pictures, virtual tours, and simple access to Google Maps and Google Earth so that consumers can easily find all of this information. Identify the popular destinations in the area and their relative walking distances.

Ensure that your website is easy to browse:

All of the best property pages in the world won’t mean anything to anybody if your website is challenging to navigate. Make time to brush up on your abilities in user experience design and information architecture. Your visitors will appreciate it if they have an enjoyable experience on your website.

Include keywords that are specific to Your Region:

Make sure that your text contains certain keywords specific to your area to guarantee that your material is discovered by buyers searching online for houses in your area.

If you want to get found, you must be on Zillow, which is essentially the Yelp of real estate marketing. You may ignore the sun, but it will still burn you if you do not have a presence on the site. On their website, Zillow gives you the option to advertise as a real estate agent. This may be very expensive, but given the significant role that Zillow plays in the home-buying process, it’s your best option.

After all, real estate search websites such as Zillow get 48 per cent of all site traffic for real estate queries on the internet.

Users may also rate and review real estate brokers on Zillow, so put on a happy face and get that five-star rating since a high star rating can significantly boost your number of leads.

Shared Scheduling App:

When showing a home to potential buyers, utilise a scheduling sharing app to arrange timings. Apps like Doodle, which allows you to schedule appointments, may reduce the amount of back and forth time slot switching.

Following Closing, Send a Local Care Package:

Your connection with a customer does not stop when the transaction is completed. You want them to remember your name so that they may pass your contact information along to relatives, family, and acquaintances who may be considering relocating in the future, if possible.

Immediately after the closing of business, send a local care package to customers, including local movie or theatre tickets, restaurant gift cards, and so on.

Maintain Contact:

Maintain contact with previous purchasers (even months and years after the sale) to build on a positive connection. Send out anniversary cards, Christmas cards, and other greeting cards to keep your name in front of them. When they have a buddy who is ready to purchase, they will send your contact information along to them. Establish a Referral System, Incentivise previous customers to recommend you to prospective homebuyers by offering them rewards.


Real estate is one of those sectors that definitely must include call tracking into their sponsored search efforts to be successful.

When looking for a realtor or scheduling an appointment to see an apartment, condo, or home, the majority of people utilize the telephone.

If those phone calls are generated as a result of someone seeing your PPC advertisement, you’ll want to be able to monitor which advertisements and keywords are generating the calls.

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