Top 9+ High Paying Career- Options, In 2020 – That you didn’t know to exist

Top High Paying Career Options for 2020 and beyond

Hii friends, Here I am trying to become a crucial mind setter in your life. Through this blog, I am trying to help you in making a crucial decision of your life “About Your Career Option”. I had put all my knowledge, findings and discoveries in this blog. 

As we all know that in everyone’s life someone will be shown as an example by society, and you are forced to follow them. But in this way, you all are losing your identity, you can’t able to achieve the desired goal of your life. So always learn to say no to such things.

It will be difficult for you, but it’s necessary then only you can succeed in your life. As it’s not the time to example some person who entered into their career 10yrs or 5 yrs back At the time that career option is right for them at that point. As because then our country is a slow grower but now India is chasing other established countries so it has opened so many opportunities for you, only you have to find your path and convince your surrounding to trust you.

So here I listed 7+ Best Career Option which has the capability to change your Future

Top 6 Carrier Option for 2020

1. Actuarial Science

I rate this job in the first position because it will be one of the demanding career options where opportunities are abundant for the Future.

The demanding industries are the insurance company, Finance, Mutual Fund industry, Casualty, Property. 

After all the education and experience the candidate will be named   ”ACTUARIES ”. 

The skillset needed to start an Actuary’s career is:

Depth knowledge in Mathematics and Statistics

Natural Problem-solving Skill

Good Communication 

Business Learning skill 

Courses and Eligibility 

Complete your 12th with Science

Graduate Courses are: 

BSc in Actuarial Science

BA(Hons.) in Insurance & Banking

Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

Post Graduate Courses: 

Post Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science 

M.Sc in Actuarial science

Masters Program in Insurance Business 

MBA in Actuarial Science

Master of Science( in Statistics (Actuarial)

But to Get into an Actuary post after all these they have to clear the IAI Written Paper through Self Study. 

Salary Range 

   In Rupee ₹40,000-₹1,50,000 per month

2. Back-end Developer

Best career option to become a Back end developer

It relates to server-side development means behind the scenes activities that happen on a website. 

The backend developers main focus will be database, scripting and the architecture of the websites. 

The code written by a backend developer will be the main connection channel between the database information to the browser. 

The working area of a Backend developer 

Web Developer Languages

Database and Cache 



Each area requires a different area of Learning some of them  are:

For Web Development Language 

He should know at least one Programming Languages like JAVA, Python, Ruby, .Net etc..

As a backend Developer, You can earn more than ₹12,00,000/annum 

Starting range from ₹18,000- ₹30,000/month

3. Banking Career Option

It is the only industry which is increasing year by year. This industry is the only industry which has high potential in every time period because it is considered to be the backbone of Economy. 

There are mainly 3 types of banks in India where you can Apply :

Commercial Banks

The major role is to enable business and entrepreneurs with financial services. They are again subcategorized into: 

Private Sector Bank 

Public Sector Bank

Regional Bank

Co-Operative Banks

Mainly for Rural People like farmers, Small Scale Industries. They are managed and controlled by the Co-operative Societies. 

State Co-operative Banks

Central Co-operative Banks

Primary Agricultural Credit Societies

Investment Banks and Specialized banks

4. Digital Marketing

Also an emerging industry. As we all know from the last 2-3 years everything has gone Digital. And every business needs its branding through digital Marketers help them to achieve their Goal. As a profession, I am also a Digital Marketer running an Agency. You can visit 

Earnings are unlimited it all depends on capability.

Departments in Digital Marketing 

Social Media Executive

Social Media Manager 

Search Engine 

Content writer

Content manager

Quora Marketing Expert

Affiliate Marketing etc…

For more detailed information you can visit the site

5. Become a Career Counselor

It’s an essential and needful job for the society showing the right path to the people who are new to their professional world. Mainly to help the young generation of around 16-26 yrs of age people, who seems to be fully confused. Mostly the people are unaware of their capabilities, strength and potential. So it’s the duty of a Good Career Counsellor to help them to recognise their strength and to show them what’s its potential in the economy and help them to mould themselves according to it. 

But it really needs dedication, Helping mentally to be generous, and should give maximum time for each one. If you had it then you can succeed. 

6. Cyber Security

As our country is now rapidly moving at a high speed to development so the risk also increased, Mainly the Cyber attacks. So every industry like government cyberspace, Military Cyberspace, Corporate, financial and medical all the data of these industries are saved in the cyberspace ie: On the Internet. So here the role of cybersecurity comes under role.

Challenges Faced in Cyber Security :

Network security 

Application Security

Endpoint Security

Identity Management

Database and Infrastructural Security

Mobile Security


7. Data Scientist

Data scientist comes under the role of analytical experts who utilize their skills in both technology and social science to manage data and finding trends. 

6 STEPS to becoming a Data Scientist

Pursuing an undergraduate degree in Data Science or a Closely Related Field 

Learn Required Skills to become a Data Scientist

Consider a specialization

Get your first entry-level data scientist job (an internship)

Review additional data scientist certifications and post-graduate certification 

Earn a Masters Degree in Data Science

8. Dietitian and Nutritionist


Assess patients and clients health needs and diet

Counsel patients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits

Developing a meal plan

Writing reports

Move with the updated nutritional science 

As a dietitian, you can start earning from 40,000-1.5L depending on Number of clients you handle. 

Education Needed to achieve this career option

It is better to have a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, foods and nutrition, food service systems etc, but it is also true that in our India’s education system these are not included but in fut=ure it has the potential so you can do certifications from fitness instituted regarding this with the graduation like chemistry, biology psychology etc. 

9. Drone Operator

Career  of a Drone Operator

Most people are unaware of this opportunity. Not everyone can fly the drone in the sky, for that You need a drone operator licence who fly drones weighing more than 055 pounds and less than 55 pounds under section 336 for the special Rule for Model Aircraft. 

You can find more details at this link

10. Full Stack engineer

These professionals master a variety of skills and use these skills to complete a product independently.

Skills like handle all the works of the database, servers, systems engineering, and client handling. Products like mobile stock, a web stack or a native application stack. 

Qualification to enter a Full Stack Engineer Career

  1. Programing Language

You need to be proficient in multiple Programming Languages, such as JAVA, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl, etc. J2EE-based components of development and so on……

2. Use Development frameworks and third-party libraries

3. Front-end technology

4. Database and cache

5. Basic design ability

6. Self-requirements are also an essential factor to become a full stack developer. 

11. Medical Careers

Medical career

It is considered to be one of the never-ending professions. Its opportunities are increasing day by day but most of the students are unaware of the opportunities it has. Mbs and Nursing are not the two medical professions, in fact, you can get into the medical careers after 12th itself by doing some of the professional courses like. 

BVOC/ Diploma/Certificate courses for  Nursing Assistant 1-3yrs courses are available


Courses for radiology 

Lab technician 

Ayurveda nursing 


Pharmacy Assistants

All these courses you can do as per your ability its basic qualification is 12th. They offer certificate courses of 1 year.

Diploma Courses of 2-3 yrs

And B VOC Courses of 3 yrs. 

For more details, you can contact me and can clear your doubts. I am happy to help you in getting the best institutes near you. 

12. Video editors and Product Photography 

 related to video production

Nowadays it is also considered to be an emerging industry its a skill-based knowledge, not an academic based. Nowadays we all know the point when internet-based marketing has come into trend every business tries to bring their business live to the audience so it requires a lot of work in creating videos and taking products pictures on a regular basis. 


It depends on their skills and how much work they can handle. Because in this field the person can work as a freelancer by taking multiple jobs and the earnings start from 20,000-60,000/ month.

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

 —Katherine Whitehorn

Hope I am able to solve all your dilemmas about future career possibilities. In this blog, I mainly focussed on the students who are currently in their academics and the youths who completed their studies but confused about their career, as they don’t know which one will be the best career to choose, and in which they can fulfill their dreams.

The students who are into studies can plan their studies according to the professional requirements of their dream career option.  


My main aim is to provide you with clear and correct information by protecting you all from traps that are berried behind beautiful offerings. So if you have any type of confusions in your mind, you can always take my help, you can clear any kind of inquiries, doubts, or suggestions you can enter it into the comment section, I am happy to hear that.

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