Business Tips for Lock-down

Top 15 Business -Tips to overcome the Corona Lock-Down

Hay guys, Here I am sharing you 15 Amazing Business Tips that can help you to run your business even in this Lock-down Period. As we all know that we are moving into a very crucial situation. Countries are in a pause mode, so many businesses are shattered and most of them are in a panic mode, confused about what to do? How to stabilize the business? How to overcome the situation?

My Intention to write this blog

As I am Seeing From Last 2 weeks every Business is stepping back from their Business Marketing Plans to stabilize their current situation, But is this a right decision at the time when technologies are so advanced. All Traditional Marketing Techniques have indeed stopped But you can make use of Digital Platforms.

Let’s Analyze the Situation of 21 Days Lockdown

It’s the first time Indian is experiencing this type of situation.

People can’t go out.

People are gonna spend more time at homes as Quarantine

As a result, we can analyses as we all are spending more time on What’s App doing Video calls, engaging with family groups, spending more time with families in front of the television.

Many people purchased a tool called Zoom so that they can continue with their conference call with all their clients as you can see the Google trends Report of last few days. Other apps like Desk time.

Not only are these on an average Indians spending 3 hours 30 minutes on the internet currently it increased to Min 6 Hrs. a day. And Screen time has increased from 2 hrs. to 7 to 8 hrs. a day. From this, we can understand our audience is spending more time on the Internet.

As a Business Person, We all know and Follow a Quote

“Be Their Where Your Customers Are”

But Most of you are running away from your Customer, by not going digital, and some of you are making use of this platform and I congratulate you on that for understanding this massive opportunity.

Here are 15 Amazing Marketing Tips that I can offer you as a business adviser cum marketer which you need to adapt them to your Business

1. Activate Funnels

Run Lead Campaigns; generate more leads for your Business.

Give them free E-books or invite them to a free webinar.

Sent them e-mails for next 21 days

Try to generate more databases for your business

It’s the right time to create an image of your brand in their mind.

2. Empathy

Try to create engaging and informative contents which help them in their life make them feel you care for them.

For eg: As it’s the time of corona

You can promote

Vital stats

How to fight


Positive News etc…….

3. Info products

Create a free online educational program by offering them free certificates.

Invite them for a free Webinar

Make some Challenges for your Students

You can send weekly Emails to your clients with some education

4. Go live

Allow the audience to window shopping

Do a Q and A

Tips and strategies

5. Create communities for Q and A

Create a community for Q and A through Whats App and Telegram Group

6. Instagram Stories and What’s App Stories

As it’s easy to make, Quick to edit, Massive engagement

7. Online Payment Eco System

You can promote special 21 days offer and collect it through



PayPal for international transaction


8. Increase Number of Posts

You can use sympathetic, Helpful, Inspirational posts

You can use Current trends

9. Personalized videos

Create personalized video use them as a sales pitch collect the customer’s contacts and try to share this video to them even though they are not interested you can create a brand.

10. Call

Give your top customers a call or a whats app check whether everything is going fine or not.

11. Lockdown offer

Create some exclusive online offer only for this lock-down period so that the customers can grab the offer and claim it later.  

12. Lockdown challenges

Try to make your audience engaged with you by giving them some sought of challenges.

13. Activate tik tok (Rural India is going crazy here)

14. Advertise on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime & YouTube

15. Create a Corona Friendly / Lock-Down Friendly Advertisement

So here I bring you the top and effective Business Tips that you can all do and overcome this crucial situation. This I recommend you with the technology Advancement and by looking into the opportunities which are available due to tech. I am recommending every business owners to become Tech Savvy and use these 21 days to Run Your Show Successfully Just by Following these Steps which I Suggested above.

I can assure you that by following these tips you can Live your business 60% in your targeted audience and make it beneficial for the future.

If you have any type of queries or suggestions or want to talk to me just comment below, I am waiting to hear from you. If you want to know about my business Check>>

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