Top Online Business Ideas you can start with

16 online business ideas you can start tomorrow with less investment

Working from the web is one of the latest trends which inspire many people to start their own online business to make their talent useful. When social distancing is critical many people are wondering how they can keep working from their homes. Luckily, there are many online business ideas that you can peruse from your homes and give a spark to your talent as well as thinking.

Do people usually ask what the best option for an online business to start is? Well, the answer to us: the best online business is one that not only meets your requirements but also helps you explore your talent. To do the same, you should make a list to recognize some essential factors such as flexibility, schedule, good income, independence, startup cost, work and online life balance, work interest for which you are passionate, and your skills as per your experience.

All these factors will help you to discover an online business that can help you to discover yourself. Also, you must know which options you have for online businesses are. So, to end this hunt, we came up with a list that can help everyone figure out which online business they should adopt.

So let’s figure out which online Business Ideas will be perfect for You

1. Set up an E-Commerce Store

E Commerce Business Opportunities

An eCommerce store allows the customers to purchase goods and services via the internet through digital media such as mobile phones, tablets, and PC, etc. The E-Commerce store is an achievable global market that is growing rapidly. If a seller is capable of driving traffic to their websites, it could be their chance to make big money.

Once the shop is open and starts running, the seller’s focus should always be on the customers’ requirements. Many platforms provide E-Commerce services and help the seller to quickly start their business. The uniqueness and d creativity in products and services are the biggest secret of a successful eCommerce store. 

2. Business Consultant

If you have great ideas and experience in business and immense knowledge, why not create a business to help and inspire entrepreneurs in finding success. As a business consultant, you can help new business owners get off with a great start, and you can also help experienced entrepreneurs take their business to new heights.

You can make your consultancy business great if you focus on the different strategies for consultation. You also need to study every business field closely to give consultancy for the same.

3. Write and publish a book

Write your book

Getting published a book is not an easy task; even many experienced writers face many rejections. But in this digital world, book publishing became very easy with the help of digital book marketing. Now people can become published authors and make money very quickly.

The digital platform allowed them to self-publish a book and sell the book via websites such as Amazon. The best part of the digital platforms is that they are free; the author doesn’t need to spend any money distributing their books.

4. Web Developer or Web Designer

If you know web designing or web development and are creative enough to come out with a unique product, you must go for freelancing platforms to grab the opportunities. You can step into this field with or without any experience. And will also get an excuse to explore and learn more tools related to designing and development.

Only need to put your technical and creative skills together to use it for a business organization who wants to take their business over the web. You can build your comprehensive website and profile on the freelancing platform to give it a start.

5. Virtual Assistant

If you have outstanding organizational skills and task management abilities, you must route your skills to become a virtual assistant. Virtual Assistant services are typically imposed on good administration jobs such as marketing level arrangements, entering data, and answering phone calls.

If someone is experienced, then it can be more beneficial for your own startup. With the maintenance of an online medium, you can find jobs as a virtual assistant professional.

These platforms will allow you to create your portfolio, and then you can apply for the jobs as per your skills.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Be an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is in trend because it away for the organizations to enhance their sales. You just need to generate the traffic on the merchant’s website with the help of an affiliate link.

The commission usually depends on the contract between both parties, which can be between 5% and 20%. This is one of the risky jobs because you need implacable marketing skills for this. On the other hand, the decisive point is there is no investment cost.

There are so many big platforms inviting people with affiliate marketing skills, and with an excellent response, the marketers can get more than 50% commission.

7. Create and sell handmade goods

sell your creativity

If you have artistic skills and you know how to make handmade things creatively, then you can bring your talent online. There many different platforms where you can register your products and sell them without any third party.

With the help of these platforms, you can contact them direct buyers and sell them goods at fair prices. Also these days people are further interested in handmade goods as compared to machine-made goods.

The startup cost of this type of business completely depends upon the product and its marketing techniques.

8. Online tech support

Online tech supporter

There is much organization who can’t afford a full time IT professional due to their tight budgets. So when they face any issues in their system, they contact a local technical expert or remote technical experts.

If you are a professional freak and you have enough experience working on networks and computers, then you can start remote or online technical support business.

As some of the organizations look for a technical degree before hiring a remote technical person, but some of the organizations only consider experience. You can also go for the freelancing technical support with the help of online freelancing platforms.

9. Create an outstanding application

Create your own mobile app

If you are an expert in making mobile applications and you have an innovative concept which you believe can help you to earn money, then just go for it.

As per the analysis, a quarter of iOS developers are earning more than £2000 in a day, and an android developer can earn more than £1000 in a day. A developer’s big challenge is to create an application which not only trends in people but also compel them to spend money on buying in-app items.

And to do the same, you need great skills, unique as well as innovative ideas. To make your application popular, you need to do proper marketing of the application. Make sure your users love your content because the content is the only way to attract customers.

10. Work as a Freelancer

Be a freelancer and start your online business

Work as a freelancer is the most flexible option you can have. This not only makes you more possible to the internet but also helps you to explore your skills.

You can go for the jobs as per your experience and talent such as content writing, Digital Marketing, Web development, web designing, etc. If you have the skills, then nobody can stop you to start earning money.

Also, freelancing makes you comfortable, and you don’t need to handle any kind of pressure while working. You can refuse and accept the jobs as per your schedule and requirement. With the help of freelancing, you can monetize almost every skill.

11. Start a blog

Start your Blog today

For a writer, creative and anybody with interest in the particular field and wants to share his or her ideas, thinking, and perspective with the world can start their own blogs.

A blog can be a way where you can share valuable and entertaining information to grab the attention of loyal readers. You only need to create content on a daily basis. Also, the content should be of high quality to keep the readers coming back to your blog.

You also need to decide the topic or niche to narrow down the targeted audience. There are many different platforms where you can create your blog with zero investment.

Once you build your blog and create a loyal readership, then you can easily consider adding subscriptions to earn money.

12. Create Presentations

Create online presentations for different companies

Presentation creation is becoming a full-time profession for so many people. The companies are now in hunt of creative presentation makers who can not only make presentations for them nut can also help them to grab the deal.

To start with this business, you need to have basic knowledge of a few tools such as Google slider, canva keynote, etc. These are the basic tools used for creating amazing and unique presentations.

Many business organizations outsource freelancers for this work, so you just need to make yourself noticeable with your work skills.

13. Online HR Consultancy

start your online business by becoming an online HR Consultant

HR consultant helps the organization to get the best out of the employees of the organizational the responsibility includes the implementation of structuring promotion, management programs, concerning the legal aspect of the employees and also giving advice on different aspects of business organization.

If you got an HR in the background, then there is no need to deal with everything by yourself. So, if you are an experienced HR consultant and want to work online, then you can use the internet to make this possible.

You should have unique ideas and the ability to manage the employees of the organization.

14. Online telemarketer

Start your carrier as an online telemarketer

Contacting potential customers by phone is the direct marketing method known as telemarketing. It is a method to build up the prospective client base for the organizations, advertising and also help on lead generation.

It can be done with the three mediums that are business-to-customers, business-to-business, and business-to-marketing. All you need is to find the clients who are interested in the specific product. And we can say rest is dependent upon your communication skills.

If you know what you are talking about and how to compel your customer, then you will definitely make your business successful.

15. Create and sell recipes

Promote your recipes online and start your business

Online cooks can market their kitchen recipes online and make money. You can create and sell recipes with the help of websites or eBooks. There are many different platforms where you can do it to convert your cooking skills into money.

Currently, people became very conscious of their diets and low sugar recipes. So, you can follow the trend and consider the requirements of people to create recipes and sell them.

People also love food images, so you need to consider a professional photographer to take pictures of the dishes to make it considerable among people.

16. Online Voice-over or narration services

Becoming a voice over artist is also a good online business idea

As we live in a digital world, we are dependent upon technology. But there are so various things which need a human being only. And AudioBooks is one of them.

Due to the busy schedule, people who love to read books cannot make their time for books, so they prefer audiobooks to consume while travelling, jogging, or even at work during their free time. So, you can give your voice over to narrate the audiobooks.

Producing audio content doesn’t take much effort; you only need to read the content from the book with appropriate pauses and stops.


Above Online business ideas can change the life of many people. Because there are many talented people who do not find a platform to show their skills. So, now you can convert your talent in your profession in many different ways.

You only need to channelize your focus to start your online business. The above-stated options are few ideas which you can use. You can also discover unique ideas as per your skills and talent.

You can also convert this online business on a large scale organization after some time when you start getting success. If you want to know more market ideas, then you can read our more blogs home-based business, and for sharing your online business ideas, you can write to us in the comments section.

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